The Myth of Social Action

The Myth of Social Action

This is a powerful critique of contemporary sociology and a call to reject the prevailing orthodoxy. Arguing that current sociological theory has lost its way, Colin Campbell mounts a case for a new "dynamic interpretivism," closer in spirit to traditional, Weberian action theory.


"...will both inform and challenge as well as suggest myriad connections to the most interesting and vexing theoretical problems of our day." Sociological Inquiry

"The result is a tightly argued volume marked by that rare level of analytical rigor and thoroughness to which Campbell has already accustomed us..." Contemporary Sociology

'Campbell's argument that contemporary sociology is hobbled by 'situationalism' represents an extraordinarily original rethinking of the field as it has vome to be commonly accepted and understood. His theoretical broom sweeps the way clear for a new, fundamentally cultural understanding of even the most highly rationalized and individualized societies. The Myth of Social Action is a must read.' Jeffrey C. Alexander, University of California, Los Angeles

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