Clement V

Clement V

The fourteenth century heralded a new stage in the history of the Church, when papal rule was forced to find new patterns of cooperation with emerging national states. The Avignon pontificate of Clement V (1305-14) found a compromise among conflicting interests, and thus paved the way for the Church in the modern era. In contrast to the characterization of the Avignon period as the "Babylonian captivity" of the papacy, this book offers a new evaluation of Clement's reign, the goals of papal policy, and its evaluation by contempories.


"This study, based on extensive research into primary sorces, re-evaluates the reign of Bernard de Got...who became Pope Clement V in 1305." Theology Digest

"...this is a book that carries weight, and its extensive bibliography and detailed referencing will be a boon for future scholars." The Catholic Historical Review