A History of the University of Cambridge

Volume 3 , 1750–1870

A History of the University of Cambridge

This volume describes the structure, constitution and curricula of the University of Cambridge and the part it played in the political life of Britain. For most of this period the University functioned largely as a seminary for the Church of England, and much attention is paid to the religious views of its members. The careers and intellectual achievements of some leading scholars are described in detail, while undergraduate life--social, sporting and academic--is examined through individual case studies. Special attention is paid to the movement to reform and modernize the University in the period 1830-70.


"...it will give a great deal of pleasure to readers..." W.R. Ward, Journal of Modern History

'… a surefooted account of the university's response to the upheavals generated by the revolutionary climate of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and by the movement for reform which followed it … it illuminates not only the history of a particular university but also that of the period more generally.' Economic History Review