Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

Oil Multinationals and Social Challenges

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as an important approach for addressing the social and environmental impact of company activities. Yet companies are increasingly expected to go beyond this. They are now often expected to assist in addressing many of the world's most pressing problems, including climate change, poverty and HIV/AIDS. With increasing expectations placed on business, this book asks if CSR is capable of delivering on these larger expectations. It does so by investigating an industry that has been at the centre of the CSR development – the oil and gas sector. Looking at companies from developed countries such as Exxon and Shell, as well as companies from emerging economies such as Brazil's Petrobras and China's CNOOC, the book investigates the potential of CSR for addressing three important challenges in the business–society relationship: the environment, development and governance.


“George Frynas has produced an excellent, clear analysis of CSR, focusing on the oil sector, whose impact will be so critical to our future. His conclusions may be sobering for some, but will encourage companies to discharge their responsibilities to society on a realistic basis, rather than through PR.”
Adrian Henriques, Middlesex University Business School

“Oil multinationals have been at the centre of debates about corporate responsibility and irresponsibility. In this timely and important book, George Frynas shows how these firms have grappled with key challenges of environment, development and governance and how they might do so more effectively in the future. It deserves to be widely read.”
Peter Newell, University of East Anglia

“This book provides the most balanced, candid and technically comprehensive assessment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to appear in print to date.”
Journal of World Energy Law and Business