Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

Commentary and Analysis

Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

As the Doha Development Round trade negotiations have stalled, bilateral and regional free trade agreements have become an important alternative. These agreements have proliferated in recent years, and now all of the major trading countries are engaging in serious bilateral trade negotiations with multiple trading partners. This book provides a comprehensive study of recent bilateral and regional trade agreements. There are two main aspects. First, it surveys the most important recent agreements in relation to each substantive topic covered (e.g. intellectual property, investment, services and social policy) and provides an overview of the law being created in these areas. Second, the bilateral and regional trade agreements are explained in the context of economics, international law and international relations.


'The impact of the recent proliferation of free trade agreements on the WTO-based trading system is only beginning to be felt. In a collection of thoughtful essays, the editors have assembled a provocative and insightful collection that will be an invaluable resource on FTAs, for academics, practitioners, and trade negotiators alike.' James Bacchus, Former Chairman of the WTO Appellate Body