Precontractual Liability in European Private Law

Precontractual Liability in European Private Law

This volume analyses thirteen cases, from the perspective of sixteen national European legal systems, in order to explore the legal nature of the precontractual phase and the liability which may follow a break-off of precontractual negotiations. The precontractual phase is difficult to characterise and analyse in either legal or practical terms. The negotiating parties have begun their journey together, but they are not yet in the relationship – the contract – which is their aim. The negotiations may fail after a lengthy period in which either party may have incurred significant expenses and invested time and effort. The break-off of the negotiations may come as a shock to one party where the negotiations were far advanced, or at least where there was nothing to suggest that they were not likely to lead to their fruition in the contract. The disappointed party is therefore likely to seek a remedy.


Review of the hardback: '… succeeds in its aim … an interesting and useful addition to the comparative law literature. … clearly written, thought provoking and a useful reference tool … an excellent addition to the series.' Journal of Business Law

'The greatest strength of the book lies in the sections by its editors. The comparative observations and conclusions are meticulous and insightful. Subtle but important differences emerge between approaches which at first sight seemed uniform, and the conclusion succeeds not just in describing the differences in approach between the Civil Law systems and the Common Law ones, but in offering plausible and closely-reasoned explanations for the reasons underlying those differences … this is an excellent book which greatly exceeds its principal aim of providing the reader with a map of the legal landscape of its immediate subject area. It should be read by academics, practitioners and judges alike.' Edinburgh Law Review