Human Cognitive Abilities

A Survey of Factor-Analytic Studies

Human Cognitive Abilities

This long awaited work surveys and summarizes the results of more than seventy years of investigation, by factor analysis, of a variety of cognitive abilities, with particular attention to language, thinking, memory, visual and auditory perception, creativity and the production of ideas, and the speed and accuracy of mental processing. The author describes his detailed findings resulting from reanalysis of more than 460 data sets from the factor-analytic literature, followed by a presentation of a hierarchical, three-stratum theory of cognitive ability and its implications for further research. A set of three computer disks (IBM 3-1/2" 1.4 megabytes, ASCII format) containing the numerical data sets and Dr. Carroll's statistical results is also available. Representing over 4 megabytes of data or roughly 2000 printed pages the disks are major resources for the interested researcher.


"...a monumental contribution, destined to be bought and read in every university the world over that has a psychology or education department, and to be on many an individual scholar's shelf as well. It defines the taxonomy of cognitive differential psychology for many years to come." Richard E. Snow

"There has to be a place for this book in any library covering differential psychology. Carroll takes a firm stand against critics of `reification', maintaining that general intelligence is indeed `a tangible and well-defined entity." Chris Brand, The Times Higher Education Supplement

"...a remarkable book....addresses basic questions about what abilities exist, how they are organized, what tests measure them best, how they develop and change over time...simply the finest work of research and scholarship I have read and is destined to be the classic study and reference work of human abilities for decades to come." Robert B. Burns, Educational Researcher