Intercorporate Relations

The Structural Analysis of Business

Intercorporate Relations

This volume constitutes the first compilation of work by leading international scholars who have adopted a structural approach to the study of business. It argues that corporate behavior cannot be understood in terms of the actions of individual firms alone, and that in order to understand how businesses operate, it is necessary to explore the relationships among them. It contains position statements by leading spokespersons for the two major structural perspectives on intercorporate relations--the resource dependence and social class views; essays on markets, money, and relations between corporations and cities; analyses of business structures in Europe, Latin America, Japan and the United States; and a chapter on transnational business relations. The volume as a whole will demonstrate to a wider public the significance and value of a structural approach to business studies.


"This book adds a new and important dimension to business analysis because it presents a compendium of recent work by scholars who focus not on the characteristics of individual organizations but on the relationships between them." Administrative Science Quarterly

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