Nietzsche's Postmoralism

Essays on Nietzsche's Prelude to Philosophy's Future

Nietzsche's Postmoralism

In Beyond Good and Evil Nietzsche calls on new philosophers to carry on the process of reinterpretation and revaluation that will constitute the philosophy of the future. This reconsideration will be pursued in what Nietzsche describes as a "postmoral" manner. The nine prominent interpreters in this collection examine different aspects of this postmoral agenda and show how Nietzsche's efforts to reorient philosophical thinking are of great importance to the way we understand ourselves, our values, our concepts of virtue, and our morality today. Through this examination Nietzsche emerges as a reconstructive rather than a deconstructive thinker.


"As a whole this volume constitutes a significant contribution to Nietzsche scholarship and, as intended, indicates possibilities for a Nietzscean future of philosophy." Metaphysics

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