Community Psychiatry in Action

Analysis and Prospects

Community Psychiatry in Action

Rapid changes are taking place in the practice of psychiatry and nowhere is this more pronounced than in the area of community and home-based care. This book explains the theory and practice of community psychiatry concentrating on the evidence from research and highlighting recent developments. In looking ahead to impending developments requiring further research, it will help clinicians, economists, and civic planners in the organization of community psychiatric care.


"The book is well written and issues are clearly presented." Sahana Misra, Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal

'The book contains practical insights into conducting research in this field that will probably be useful to other researchers in the field.' John Geddes, The Lancet

' … it does contain some thought-provoking discussion about the nature of research into mental health … it would be a valuable addition to any CPN library.' Ian Baguley, Mental Health Nursing