Traumatic Events and Mental Health

This concise yet comprehensive guidebook provides an accessible and highly referenced resource of practical advice and information on post-traumatic distress. Dr. O'Brien's coverage ranges from a brief historical perspective on post-traumatic illness and its prevalence through to the present day legal implications. We are reminded that a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder is by no means the only possible response to trauma and a helpful chapter is devoted to the definition of a normal response. A broad range of theoretical and practical viewpoints are closely examined including an evaluation of management approaches and possibilities for prevention.


"This is a high quality book, useful in the understanding of the range of complexities involved in the relationship between mental health and trauma. It is logical, well detailed, but concise. Its purchase is recommended." Doody Publishing

' … O'Brien presents us with a valuable overview and evaluation of one of the most debated psychiatric entities over the last two decades. This book must be of interest to everyone working in the field of mentally traumatized people.' Morten Ekstrom, Torture