Combinatorics on Words

Combinatorics on Words

Combinatorics on words, or finite sequences, is a field that grew from the disparate mathematics branches of group theory and probability. In recent times, it has gained recognition as an independent theory and has found substantial applications in computer science automata theory and linguistics. This volume is the first to present a thorough treatment of this theory and includes discussions of Thue's square free words, Van der Waerden's theorem, and Ramsey's theorem. This volume is an accessible text for undergraduate and graduate level students in mathematics and computer science as well as specialists in all branches of applied mathematics.


"[This volume] presents new aspects of combinatorics on words, recently introduced or developed. This book is totally self contained." Mathematical Reviews

'Since the first edition almost fifteen years ago, a new generation of young mathematicians has grown up on reading this book and solving the problems at the end of each chapter, thus deepening the understanding of the results read, analyzing special cases and proving additional results. Furthermore, this monograph is an excellent reference book for those working in this area of mathematics.' Acta Sci. Math.

'This is an excellent book, essential for anybody working in the field. Although written by several authors, who constitute the collective author M. Lothaire, the book makes a surprisingly compact impression. As already mentioned, it has all prerequisites for an important reference tool.' EMS