A First Course of Homological Algebra

A First Course of Homological Algebra
  • By D. G. Northcott

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

    Online Publication Date:January 2010

    Online ISBN:9780511565885

    Hardback ISBN:9780521201964

    Paperback ISBN:9780521299763

  • Book DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/CBO9780511565885

    Subjects: Algebra

Based on a series of lectures given at Sheffield during 1971–72, this text is designed to introduce the student to homological algebra avoiding the elaborate machinery usually associated with the subject. This book presents a number of important topics and develops the necessary tools to handle them on an ad hoc basis. The final chapter contains some previously unpublished material and will provide additional interest both for the keen student and his tutor. Some easily proven results and demonstrations are left as exercises for the reader and additional exercises are included to expand the main themes. Solutions are provided to all of these. A short bibliography provides references to other publications in which the reader may follow up the subjects treated in the book. Graduate students will find this an invaluable course text as will those undergraduates who come to this subject in their final year.


'As we have come to expect from the author the exposition is clear and straightforward. There are many nontrivial exercises with complete solutions included at the end of each chapter.' Mathematical Reviews

'A particularly useful feature of the book under review is the collection of exercises throughout the text, with full solutions at the end of chapters. This should make the book particularly well suited to the student meeting the subject for the first time.' Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

'To sum up the book … affords a very good introduction to the methods of Homological Algebra.' Bulletin of the Institution of Mathematics and Its Applications