Sovereignty over Natural Resources

Balancing Rights and Duties

Sovereignty over Natural Resources

This study analyzes the evolution of permanent sovereignty from a political claim to a principle of international law, and examines its significance for such controversial issues as peoples' rights, nationalization, and environmental politics. Dr. Schrijver argues that corollary rights available through permanent sovereignty must be seen alongside the corollary obligations they also entail. He thus identifies new directions sovereignty over natural resources has taken in an increasingly interdependent world.


"This book has a great deal to offer....written for students of international law and...political scientists, historians, geographers, and others from consulting this authoritative text....this text is rooted in a...well-crafted empirical study...." Peter J. Stoett, International Journal

"Schrijver's careful and thorough analysis of the evolution of permanent sovereignty demonstrates not only rhe protean nature of the principle, but also its continuing vitality." J. Owen Saunders, Alberta Law Review