Keeping the Peace

Multidimensional UN Operations in Cambodia and El Salvador

Keeping the Peace

Keeping the Peace explores the new multidimensional role that the United Nations has played in peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding over the past few years. By examining the paradigm-setting cases of Cambodia and El Salvador, and drawing lessons from these UN "success stories", the book identifies more effective ways for the international community to address conflict in the post-Cold War era. This book is especially timely given its focus on multidimensional peace operations, the most likely role for the UN in coming years.


"a carefully designed and persuasively argued comparative analysis of U.N. operations in Cambodia and El Salvador....this insightful volume adds to the literature and merits careful perusal." Thomas G. Weiss, American Political Science Review

'The publication of Keeping the Peace is an important milestone in the development of United Nations peacekeeping. It is the first really comprehensive analysis of the UN's post-cold-war multidimensional operations in Cambodia and El Salvador. This objective study, at the same time critical and constructive, will be of immense value to those who plan and conduct future operations, as well as to a wider public interested in the work of peace.' Brian Urquhart, former UN Under Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs

'This is a very comprehensive analysis of two of the UN's most demanding recent missions, in Cambodia (UNTAC) and El Salvador (ONUSAL).' NOD and Conversion