Immigration and Politics in the New Europe

Reinventing Borders

Immigration and Politics in the New Europe

Gallya Lahav's study examines the issue of immigration in the context of a Europe where the role of the nation state is in question, as the logic of the single market clashes with national policymaking. Immigration is a central issue in European politics since around a quarter of the world's migrants reside in Europe. Consequently, politicians throughout the continent are grappling with the problems this raises. Analyzing elite and public opinion, Lahav's book shows how support from both has led to the adoption of restrictive immigration policies despite the requirements of open borders.


"The author's elite interviews and parliamentary survey, as well as careful culling of secondary opinion studies, are testimony to the project's ambition and importance. It is a welcome addition to the urgeoning literature and will surely spark continued research and debate." Perspectives on Politics, Alan E. Kessler, University of Texas at Austin