Tropical Alpine Environments

Plant Form and Function

Tropical Alpine Environments

Tropical alpine environments (at altitudes above the closed canopy forest and below the limit of plant life) present an unusual set of complex stresses for plant species. Unlike temperate alpine environments, where there are distinct seasons of favorable and unfavorable conditions for growth, tropical alpine habitats present summer conditions every day and winter conditions every night. As a consequence, tropical alpine plant species have evolved unique forms for coping with such a hostile environment. Using examples from all over the tropics, this fascinating account reviews the unique form and functional relationships of tropical alpine plants, examining both their physiological ecology and population biology.


"...a book not only for those interested in tropical alpine plants, but for anyone interested in physiological ecology and alpine plants. The editors have produced a comprehensive review of tropical alpine plant biology; indeed, the book goes beyond the title's plant form and function. This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in the adaptations of plants to unique environments." Michael E. Loik, Plant Science Bulletin

"...this book is one of the best to have appeared in recent years with a focus on high-altitude ecology." Francisco l. Pérez, Arctic and Alpine Research

"The editors have done a good job of brining the information about tropical alpine plant form and function together in one volume." Henrik Balsev, Systematic Botany