Geometry of Sporadic Groups

Volume 2 , Representations and Amalgams

Geometry of Sporadic Groups

This second volume in a two-volume set provides a complete self-contained proof of the classification of geometries associated with sporadic simple groups: Petersen and tilde geometries. It contains a study of the representations of the geometries under consideration in GF(2)-vector spaces as well as in some non-Abelian groups. The central part is the classification of the amalgam of maximal parabolics, associated with a flag transitive action on a Petersen or tilde geometry. By way of their systematic treatment of group amalgams, the authors establish a deep and important mathematical result.


'The book is written with obvious care and the arguments are usually not difficult to follow. The authors have also taken care with summaries and overviews that ease understanding of the general strategy of the proof.' European Mathematical Society

'… written with obvious care …'. EMS Newsletter

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