Psychotic Depression

Psychotic Depression

Psychotic Depression aims to help clinical practitioners and trainees describe their observations of psychotic depression, formulate treatment, and express expectations of recovery from illness. It focuses on all facets of the disorder, from clinical history to coverage of the current state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment protocols. Medical readers of this book will come away able to diagnose and readily treat psychotic depression and thus will be able to serve their patients better. Non-physician readers will come away with the message that this is a terrible illness, but there is hope. This book fills an important gap in the realm of psychiatric literature.


"..provides a detailed discussion of a topic that may be understudied. ...the in-depth discussion of ECT and its efficacy in the treatment of psychotic depression is thorough and convincing. ...the supporting literature appears quite robust and even includes meta-analytic research (Parker, Roy, Hadzi-Parlovic, & Pedic, 1992)."
Lisa J. Cohen
PsychCRITIQUES, APA Review of Books

"Psychotic Depression is not quite a textbook, not quite a monograph on a specific illness, not quite a collection of psychiatric case histories, and not quite a scholarly history...The book is a mixture of these genres...the most interesting parts of the book are the discussions of historical cases such as Sylvia Plath and Andrea Yates".
New England Journal of Medicine

"This is an important and timely book, written for both clinicians and laymen...All psychiatrists need to be able to recognize and properly treat this serious condition and need to be thoroughly versed in the information contained in this outstanding book."
Doody's Book Review Service