Signal Design for Good Correlation

For Wireless Communication, Cryptography, and Radar

Signal Design for Good Correlation

Wireless communications, advanced radar and sonar systems, and security systems for Internet transactions are contemporary examples of systems that employ digital signals to transmit information. This volume affords comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of the methodologies and application areas throughout the range of digital communication where individual signals, and sets of signals, with favorable correlation properties play a central role. Some application areas covered include Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) signals such as those in use for cell-phone communication; digital systems for coded radar and sonar signals; and methods for secure authentication and stream cipher cryptology. The authors provide the necessary mathematical background to explain how the signals are generated and to show how the signals satisfy the appropriate correlation constraints.


"This comprehensive book is intendedfor use as a reference work for engineers and computer scientists as well as to serve as a textbook for courses in this important area of digital communications. This is the first accessible text covering a number of new results on some of the topics."
Andrei Kelarev, Mathematical Reviews