Abstract Regular Polytopes

Abstract Regular Polytopes

Abstract regular polytopes stand at the end of more than two millennia of geometrical research, which began with regular polygons and polyhedra. The rapid development of the subject in the past twenty years has resulted in a rich new theory featuring an attractive interplay of mathematical areas, including geometry, combinatorics, group theory and topology. This is the first comprehensive, up-to-date account of the subject and its ramifications. It meets a critical need for such a text, because no book has been published in this area since Coxeter's "Regular Polytopes" (1948) and "Regular Complex Polytopes" (1974).


'The book gives a comprehensive, complete overview of recent developments in a n important area of discrete geometry. it really fills an existing gap … and it shows in an impressive manner the interplay between the different methods that are important in this field. It can be strongly recommended to researchers and graduate students working in geometry, combinatorics and group theory.' Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

'This book should be properly seen as the primary reference for the theory of abstract polytopes, especially of abstract regular polytopes … The book is very comprehensive and deep in its coverage of the topic. Almost everything known about abstract regular polytopes until the date of publication may be found somewhere within its 551 pages.' Zentralblatt MATH