Outcomes Assessment in Cancer

Measures, Methods and Applications

Outcomes Assessment in Cancer
  • Edited by Joseph Lipscomb

    Edited by Carolyn C. Gotay

    Edited by Claire Snyder

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

    Online Publication Date:December 2009

    Online ISBN:9780511545856

    Hardback ISBN:9780521838900

    Paperback ISBN:9781107403161

  • Book DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/CBO9780511545856

    Subjects: Oncology

The U.S. National Cancer Institute established the Cancer Outcomes Measurement Working Group in 2001 to evaluate measurements of the important and diverse impacts of cancer on individuals and populations. The findings and recommendations of the working group's 35 internationally recognized members provide alternative approaches for comprehensively measuring the burden of cancer and the effectiveness of preventive and therapeutic interventions.


"[T]he members of COMWG [Cancer Outcomes Measurement Working Group] are to be commended for providing readers with a thoughtful and detailed overview of where we are and where we need to go to '...strengthen our capacity to measure, evaluate, and improve the outcomes of cancer care.'"--Journal of the American Medical Association

"...important and timely...This book will be of particular interest to outcomes researchers and their students. However, its appeal is certainly not limited to this audience as anyone who is concerned with cancer-care outcomes and tehir assessment will find many of the chapters informative and useful." The New England Journal of Medicine,/i> David G. Pfister, M.D.