Childhood Epilepsy

Language, Learning and Behavioural Complications

Childhood Epilepsy

William Svoboda channels a lifetime of clinical experience into three areas--language, learning, and behavior--that encompass the major difficulties of children "growing up with epilepsy." In each area he looks at why the problems arise and assesses potential treatments. The focus of this comprehensive work is on the complete care of the child rather than on diagnosis, classification and medication alone. More than half of all epileptic children have interrelated language, learning, and/or behavior complications that persist beyond seizure control and present problems for health and educational systems. This reference makes a significant contribution to furthering the knowledge of clinicians, educators, and language specialists about the needs of this special pediatric population.


"[T]his impressive volume is one of the first dedicated entirely to the inter-relatedness of language, learning, and behavioural difficulties in childhood epilepsy. I recommend this book wholeheartedly as a courageous undertaking, highlighting problems that may go unrecognised long after the epilepsy has been brought under control." Gillian Parkinson, The Lancet, Neurology

"This is a unique book, as no similar compilation of information is available. It is up-to-date and, as a single authored source, reads evenly and provides great continuity between chapters and sections. It occupies a unique niche and is a valuable contribution to the literature." Doody's Review ServiceG

"...very readable...References are numerous throughout the 656 pages and the book is easy to use due to the many headings and sub-headings...This is a useful volume not only for reference but for browsing and as a source of information for those who look after children with epilepsy." Doctors' Net

"This book provides a comprehensive and well-referenced overview of current thinking and research pertaining to co-morbidities associated with childhood epilepsy." British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, Siobhan Hannan

"...on the whole this is a very useful and interesting book which I think will be of particular interest to clinicians with a specialist interest in children with epilepsy." Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Marian Perkins