Psychotherapy and Counselling in Practice

A Narrative Framework

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Practice

This important and timely book gives a balanced synthesis, based on actual cases, evidence, practice, and experience, to describe the process of psychotherapy and identify the fundamental elements that lead to good outcome across all its schools. In the course of developing a consistently reliable, effective, practical psychotherapy, Digby Tantam pinpoints four essential principles to provide essential reading for psychiatrists or clinical psychologists looking for a straightforward framework for short-term psychotherapy and anyone working long-term with patients using a psychotherapy model.


"This valuable to anyone who practices the talking cure, regardless of ultimate technique." Paul K.B. Dagg, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

"Tantam has much of interest to say about how social emotions of shame and disgust threaten the individual with social extinction and provoke incoherence of the self...Far from simply describing what works, Tantam theorises throughout about each component of his model." Sheena Pollet, British Journal of Psychiatry

"I would recommend this book..." Alison Jenaway, Psychological Medicine

"The book...offers a valuable new integrative framework for the practising psychologist and may be regarded as essential supplementary reading to the post-graduate student." Malan Heyns, University of the Free State, South African Journal of Psychology

"Tantam writes in a contemporary manner, peppering his work with case histories based on actual clients, as well as giving examples based on protagonists from novels and myths that memorably illustrate salient points. This lends it a gently ironic tone, which is a welcome change from 'dry' theory. Moreover it provides guidance on how to sensibly embark on more sophisticated interpretive techniques which would give confidence to even the most apprehensive trainee."