Depression and Physical Illness

Depression and Physical Illness

Depression and physical illness are intimately related. Depressed mood is thought to contribute to the development and progression of some illnesses, while physical illness can in turn increase the risk of depression. This book provides a critical overview of the evidence linking depression with several major health conditions, including coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, disability, chronic fatigue and obesity. It also explores the biological and behavioral processes underlying the association, discussing the role of neuroendocrine, immunological and inflammatory pathways, and the relationship between depression and health behaviours such as smoking, physical activity and adherence to medical advice. It combines a thorough analysis of the clinical, biological and epidemiological data with guidance to health professionals and patients on how to manage depression in people suffering from physical illness, pointing the way to an integrated approach to health care.


'I recommend this book highly to all mental healthcare professionals … I would recommend this book to other medical specialists - on checking the contents of the latest editions of several prominent textbooks of medicine, I could find no reference to the role of depression despite the overwhelming evidence presented in Depression and Physical Illness.' British Journal of Psychiatry

'…a useful resource for those interested in depression.' Journal of Psychosomatic Research

'… this book is well worth considering. It gives helpful guidance to health professionals of all kinds on improving the health care of patients suffering from a wide range of disorders.' Journal of Mental Health