Modelling and Managing the Depressive Disorders

A Clinical Guide

Modelling and Managing the Depressive Disorders

The DSM and ICD mental illness classificatory systems define mood disorder as essentially a single condition varying only by severity. Gordon Parker and Vijaya Manicavasagar expose the weaknesses in the existing models, and describe a new approach to sub-typing and managing depression based on there being some specific defined manifestations, including melancholia and psychotic depression, as well as versions of the condition highly dependent on life stresses and personality styles. They argue that depression can exist as a disease, a disorder, a syndrome and a normal reaction, and it therefore requires a multi-modal approach to conceptualization and management.


"The authors introduce many interesting theoretical ideas. The book is well written and the illustrations are very useful. The authors' theoretical perspective adds interesting new ideas and is thought provoking."--Doody's Review Service®

"...because these chapters also discuss the ideal attributes of a therapist and provide easily understandable case vignettes illustrating the personality disorders, they are especially appropriate for students of psychiatry and psychology; some patients might find them a useful resource. They provide an easy-to-understand outline that would be helpful to a wide audience."
Alan M. Langlieb, MD, MPH, MBA; The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

'It's all good stuff and gets you thinking, especially about 'what is the illness I see before me, what is its likely natural history, why and how is the best way to treat it?'' Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychiatrists in Training

'… this is a well-written book and the regular use of summary boxes and case vignettes makes it highly readable. The research expertise and clinical experience of the authors come across strongly and will make the book particularly attractive to clinicians. The provocative nature of the first section will cause many to challenge their view of depression. This book is highly recommended.' Journal of Psychosomatic Research

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