The Depressed Child and Adolescent

The Depressed Child and Adolescent

In this new, thoroughly revised and updated edition, an international, interdisciplinary team of mental health experts draw together the latest findings in the psychopathology of depression in young people. Combining theory and practice, the psychological, neurochemical, and genetic causes are discussed and an account of the clinical characteristics and frequency of the condition is given. The key questions are fully addressed: the importance of life events and difficulties in the onset and continuation of depression; the efficacy of current psychological therapies and the role of medication; how depressed young people progress into adult life, and how depression arises and the effects it may exert on brain and behavior during this crucial developmental period. This book will appeal to child psychiatrists and psychologists, developmental psychologists, neuroscientists, and mental health professionals in clinical services.


"This extensive multi-authored text is a 'state of the art' exploration of child and adolescent depression, and as such, is required reading." Psychological Medicine

"In-depth.... We recommend this book to clinical professionals, postgraduate students, service managers and researchers involved in meeting the mental health needs of people with learning disabilities. ... The book should be a necessary purchase for libraries accessible to postgraduate students in the learning disabilities and mental health fields." Psychological Medicine

From reviews of the first edition...

"Practitioners and researchers will find this volume to be enormously helpful and conceptually challenging. Collectively, the authors of this volume provide excellent coverage of diverse aspects of depression in childhood and adolescence. The interdisciplinary nature of the book's authors is strengthened by the volume's common reliance on a developmental framework. Moreover, this book moves beyond the descriptive level of analysis to delineate the processes by which children and adolescents come to be at risk for, or are protected from, depression." Social Work in Health Care

"Does an excellent job of discussing how development affects the presentation of depression and, conversely, how depression affects subsequent development, and would thus be of considerable interest to the more psychodynamically oriented clinician or the clinical who treats very young children." Margery R. Johnson, Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal

"[An] excellent monograph...This book is remarkable for the consensus of its authors on standards for the admissibility of evidence across many perspectives they review...To the researcher in childhood depression, this book documents, with references, the great strides child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology have made in the past 30 years. Like any true milestone, this book indicates not only how far we have traveled but how much farther there is to go." New England Journal of Medicine

"A manageable and current perspective on depressive disorders in children and adolescents." American Journal of Psychiatry

"A most informative monograph with current references and data." Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services