A Guide to Asperger Syndrome

A Guide to Asperger Syndrome

Individuals affected with Asperger Syndrome are often misunderstood and sometimes misdiagnosed when they apply for help. A Guide to Asperger Syndrome is an accessible handbook for all those touched by Asperger syndrome, one of the most common variants of disorders in the so-called autism spectrum. Christopher Gillberg, a world-renowned authority in the field, gives an in-depth account of symptoms, diagnosis, prevalence, background factors, prognosis, and intervention. This book is intended for a wide readership, including those affected, their families, and clinicians working with children, adolescents and adults with Asperger syndrome.


"[An] engaging book...Gillberg is refreshingly pragmatic and independent in his views. I recommend [this book] highly to paediatricians, child neurologists, and adult psychiatrists as well. It is an enjoyable read, not an encyclopaedia, and anyone who reads it is guaranteed to end up better educated and less confused about the puzzling, more mildly affected individuals of all ages on the autistic spectrum."
Isabelle Rapin, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

"There are very few clear and authoratative books on Asperger syndrome (AS), bu this new book by Christopher Gillberg is one of them."
Contemporary Psychology

"The author, a world-renowned authority in the field, gives an up-to-date, clear, and comprehensive description of AS...I highly recommend this book to all those involved in evaluating and managing developmental and personality disorders."
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

"The book is factual, accurate, succinct though detailed, and notable for its clarity. It is to be recommended as an invaluable introduction to the field."
European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

"Parents and professionals new to the world of Asperger syndrome will find the author to be an insightful and compassionate guide...The book can be recommended as a very useful introduction..."
Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice

"I would recommend this book as an up-to-date, accessible guide for anyone who works or lives with Asperger syndrome. It succeeds in the main in covering all topics of relevance, and includes useful further reading and reference lists. Professionals in all fields across medicine and education, as well as lay-persons, would find it a useful addition to their resources."
Psychological Medicine

"...a valuable resource book to read and have on our shelves."
Social Work Now

"...a concise, easy to read book sufficiently human to be meaningful to people diagnosed with Asperger and sufficiently 'clinical' to appeal to the non-specialist doctor or psychologist."
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

"This book provides an easily readable and updated guide to those afflicted with Asperger syndrome as well as the professionals in the field."
Doody's Book Review

"I have enjoyed this book immmensely, not only because the author's style is so intimate and supportive, but also because I believe he has accomplished so much more than the title suggests by opening a quite unexpected vista to the reader on the disorder and those affected by it."
Daniel Doiron, MD Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

"I highly recommend this book for its comprehensive coverage of important issues in AS coupled with an easy-to-read style of writing that will make it accessible to a broad readership, including individuals and parents who are seeking a more evidence-based detailed account of the disorder and clinicians who wish to gain greater understanding of the key features and issues with an eye to diagnostic controversies and thoughtful analysis of the associated conditions."
Jennifer Saltzman-Benaiah, Journal of Psychosomatic Research