Systematic Reviews in Health Care

A Practical Guide

Systematic Reviews in Health Care

The past two decades have seen increasing interest and developments in methods for doing high quality systematic reviews. This volume provides a clear introduction to the concepts of systematic reviews, and lucidly describes the difficulties and traps to avoid. A unique feature of the manual is its description of the different methods needed for different types of health care questions: frequency of disease, prognosis, diagnosis, risk, and management. This book also provides illustrative examples and exercises for each of the sections.


"This book is well designed for people who are looking for an introduction to the field of systematic reviews. This is a worthy addition to the practice of evidence-based medicine." Doody's Notes

"The book serves as an excellently readable introduction to the whole subject of formal literature reviewing."

"This stands as a strong competitor in the growing list of available resources that lead the reader through the systematic review excellent resource..." Teaching and learning in Medicine

"[Systematic Reviews in Health Care: A Practical Guide] very well written and extremely easy to read. It is a true practical guide through the maze of clinical studies. Complex issues are presented in a clear, concise, logical, and easy-to-follow manner...I believe this book should be essential reading for all practicing clinicians and should be prominently displayed in every medical library." Southern Medical Journal