Prediction of Turbulent Flows

Prediction of Turbulent Flows

The prediction of turbulent flows is of paramount importance in the development of complex engineering systems involving flow, heat and mass transfer, and chemical reactions. This book emerges from a major program at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, England. Utilizing modern computational fluid dynamics techniques, it reviews current approximation methods and their applicability to various industrial problems.


"The contents of this book range from a discussion of the structure and dynamics of turbulent flows to the modeling of such flows under the influence of buoyancy and stratification, in combustion systems and in boundary layers...By its breadth and combination of theory and practice, this book complements existing textbooks on fluid mechanics."

"The book presents a more measured view than a conference proceedings volume of unrelated papers can possibly do and also presents a much broader picture than some recent books with one or two authors." -Peter Bradshaw, Standford University. AIAA Journal

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