Complex Polynomials

Complex Polynomials

Complex Polynomials explores the geometric theory of polynomials and rational functions in the plane. Early chapters build the foundations of complex variable theory, melding together ideas from algebra, topology, and analysis. Throughout the book, the author introduces a variety of ideas and constructs theories around them, incorporating much of the classical theory of polynomials as he proceeds. These ideas are used to study a number of unsolved problems. Several solutions to problems are given, including a comprehensive account of the geometric convolution theory.


"...a very welcome addition to the literature dealing with polynomials. ...will be invaluable to researchers and accessible to non-experts as well. I recommend it enthusiastically." Mathematical Reviews

"As both focused study and a joyride across the expanse of modern mathematics, this compilation of results by Sheil-Small would prject polynomial mathematics as a cohesive subject all its own.... Highly recommended." Choice

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