Continuous Lattices and Domains

Continuous Lattices and Domains

Information content and programming semantics are just two of the applications of the mathematical concepts of order, continuity and domains. This authoritative and comprehensive account of the subject will be an essential handbook for all those working in the area. An extensive index and bibliography make this an ideal sourcebook for all those working in domain theory.


"Although a number of books treating various aspects of domains and continuous lattices have appeared since 1980, none are as up to date and comprehensive as this book. It is and will remain the best resource on continuous lattices, domains, applications, and the vast literature on these topics." Mathematical Reviews

'Being written in an expository and almost self-contained way, the book can serve as a handbook for those working in the area as well as a student textbook.' EMS Newsletter

'… this is the book for all those interested in the topic … I am pleased to recommend … this most authentic source of information on continuous lattices and domains.' Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum

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