Human Biologists in the Archives

Demography, Health, Nutrition and Genetics in Historical Populations

Human Biologists in the Archives

This book describes how archival data inform anthropological questions about human biology and health. The authors present a diverse array of human biological evidence from a variety of sources including the archaeological record, medical collections, church records, contemporary health and growth data, and genetic information from the descendants of historical populations. The contributions demonstrate how the analysis of historical documents expands the horizons of research in human biology, extends the longitudinal analysis of microevolutionary and social processes into the present, and enhances the understanding of the human condition.


"The collection is of high standard overall and each of the contributions contains something of interest..." American Journal of Human Biology

'… a pioneering effort which should be read by all human biologists … All the contributions are first class - first class in content and first class in presentation. With a little effort they are also a pleasure to read. May this book have a long history.' Annals of Human Biology

'For population historians who would like to explore this interdisciplinary territory on the borders between history, the social sciences, medicine and human biology, this book provides an excellent introduction'. Local Population Studies