The Ecology of Freshwater Molluscs

The Ecology of Freshwater Molluscs

Here is a comprehensive review of the ecology of freshwater bivalves and gastropods worldwide. Robert Dillon discusses the ecology of these species in its broadest sense, including diet, habitat, and reproductive biology to emphasize the tremendous diversity of these freshwater invertebrates. He develops a new life history model that unifies them and reviews their population and community ecology, treating competition, predation, parasitism, and biogeography. Extensively referenced and synthesizing work from the nineteenth century through to the present day, this book includes original analyses that unify previous work into a coherent whole.


"...a most welcome, and timely, comprehensive treatise on freshwater mollusc ecology. ...well written and nicely presented..." Environments

"The chief strength of this book is its presentation and analysis of a large, scattered body of literature on freshwater molluscs...a valuable resource for students seeking fresh research questions, readers looking for information about freshwater molluscs, and ecologists who want to see what freshwater molluscs have to offer." Nature

"A lot of useful information is packed into the pages of this book, and the reference section is extensive...and excellent book for experts, with a good discussion of specific topics." Choice

"The book is useful... an important reference volume for those interested in advancing molluscan ecology... an appropriate, timely and useful volume." John A. Downing, Ecoscience

"Provides a sound basis for new management plans...A exhaustive effort. Well referenced to the technical literature. An important general library book." Northeastern Naturalist

"This is the first major book-length treatment of the ecology of freshwater mollusks. Dillon must be complimented on undertaking this major task...should be on the shelves of any acquatic biologist because of its wealth of information and its introduction to the extensive literature on freshwater molluscan ecology." Journal of the North American Benthological Society