Navigating Social-Ecological Systems

Building Resilience for Complexity and Change

Navigating Social-Ecological Systems

Drawing on complex systems theory, this book investigates how human societies deal with change in linked social-ecological systems, and build capacity to adapt to change. The concept of resilience is central in this context. Resilient social-ecological systems have the potential to sustain development in a manner that does not lead to loss of future options. Resilient systems provide capacity for renewal and innovation in the face of rapid transformation and crisis. Case studies and examples from several geographic areas, cultures and resource types are included; merging forefront research from natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities into an innovative framework for sustainable systems.


"...the book is a useful addition, introducing the role of property rights in different management systems across scales and providing an interesting review that explores the relationship between ecological and social systems from a range of disciplines. It should be of interest to anyone interested in research into, or application of, new ways of thinking about social and ecological systems and how they interact." Ecoscience