IT Project Proposals

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IT Project Proposals

Whether responding to a potential client's request or pitching a new IT project to the Board, a well-written proposal can be the difference between success and failure. This volume can help create high-quality, persuasive proposals. Paul Coombs explains how to influence the reader's decision by developing the writer's unique selling points. He discusses the structuring of documents, the secrets behind persuasive writing, and the basic grammar and punctuation rules that will prevent writers from destroying a good argument through bad presentation. The volume is written for IT managers, consultants and anyone producing internal or commercial proposals.


"All proposal writers should read this superb book. In fact, all technical communicators should have it at their desks. It is easy to read, is designed well in its use of white space and typography, and offers many useful concepts. Even if its overall size might lead you to believe that it doesn't have much to say, this small book is packed with loads of information."
Jackie Damrau for Technical Communication

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