Gravitational N-Body Simulations

Tools and Algorithms

Gravitational N-Body Simulations

This self-contained book presents basic methods of numerical simulation of gravitational systems, with applications in astronomy and cosmology. The first half of the book presents and explains the fundamental mathematical tools needed to describe the dynamics of a large number of mutually attractive particles. Particular attention is given to the techniques needed to model known planetary and astrophysical phenomena such as Hubble motion. The second half of the book demonstrates how to develop clear and elegant algorithms for models of gravitational systems.


"Within the N-body community the name of Sverre Aarseth is legendary. His pioneering approach to numerical simulation proved to be decades ahead of its time, as was his insistence on making his latest source code publicly a list of what you need to think about to perform direct N-body simulations well, this book is excellent."
Contemporary Physics

"... A distinctive presentation of the material for a book that is intended for graduate students (among others)."
Phillip W. Sharp, Mathematical Reviews

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