Hadrons and Quark–Gluon Plasma

Hadrons and Quark–Gluon Plasma

Before matter as we know it emerged, the universe was filled with the primordial state of hadronic matter called quark gluon plasma. This hot soup of quarks and gluon is effectively an inescapable consequence of our current knowledge about the fundamental hadronic interactions, quantum chromodynamics. This book covers the ongoing search to verify this prediction experimentally and discusses the physical properties of this novel form of matter.


'Letessier and Rafelski's book occupied a sparsely-populated niche. it contains a valuable toolkit for understanding the physics of heavy-ion collisions, and the properties of matter at the crucial temperature of around 100 MeV, where quarks are thought to escape their cages … an excellent book.' Mark Hindmarsh, The Observatory

'The book offers a broad overview of the facilities around the world at which the relevant experiments have been carried out or are planned, and of the theoretical concepts and methods through which the results of these experiments can be interpreted. I am fairly sure that this volume will provide experts with a useful and timely summary of the state of their field, while sufficiently assiduous newcomers will find it a tolerably good starting point for further exploration.' Comtemporary Physics