Akathisia and Restless Legs

Akathisia and Restless Legs

This volume provides the first comprehensive account of the scientific and clinical aspects of akathisia and related syndromes such as restless legs syndrome (RLS), other forms of motor restlessness, and neuroleptic-induced dysphoria. The main focus is on drug-induced akathisia and its various subtypes. The author explores its relationship to the restlessness caused by other neurological disorders, presents a new synthesis of the pathophysiological mechanisms of akathisia, and provides arguments for new operational criteria for the research diagnosis of drug-induced akathisia. Strategies for the measurement of akathisia are also discussed, as are treatment approaches. The book will be particularly useful for psychiatrists, neurologists, and other physicians seeking a better understanding of these disabling syndromes.


"...covered are a feast of topics: chronic akathisia, drug-induced akathisia, tardive akathisia, periodic leg movements of sleep, and painful legs and moving toes syndrome...should be on every neuroleptic user's shelf." George Murray, Psychosomatics

"Researchers will appreciate the pains Dr. Sachdev has taken to summarize what is known about akathisia and restless legs and the numerous suggestions contained in this work." Psychiatric Services