Geometry and Topology for Mesh Generation

Geometry and Topology for Mesh Generation

This book combines mathematics (geometry and topology), computer science (algorithms), and engineering (mesh generation) in order to solve the conceptual and technical problems in the combining of elements of combinatorial and numerical algorithms. The book develops methods from areas that are amenable to combination and explains recent breakthrough solutions to meshing that fit into this category. It should be an ideal graduate text for courses on mesh generation. The specific material is selected giving preference to topics that are elementary, attractive, lend themselves to teaching, are useful, and interesting.


' a very readable exposition '.Monatshefte fÜr Mathematik --

'… a very readable exposition …'. Monatshefte für Mathematik

'… well organised … We recommend the book to graduate students and researchers in computational geometry.' János Kincses, Acta Sci. Math.

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