Seismic Ray Theory

Seismic Ray Theory

The seismic ray method plays an important role in seismology, seismic exploration, and in the interpretation of seismic measurements. Seismic Ray Theory presents the most comprehensive treatment of the method available. Many new concepts that extend the possibilities and increase the method's efficiency are included. The book has a tutorial character: derivations start with a relatively simple problem, in which the main ideas are easier to explain, and then advance to more complex problems. Most of the derived equations are expressed in algorithmic form and may be used directly for computer programming. This book will prove to be an invaluable advanced text and reference in all academic institutions in which seismology is taught or researched.


"This book is a welcome contribution for several reasons, and one of the most important is that it does present much of the relevant theory in a single volume...I recommend this book for research at the graduate student level and beyond. It is a useful summary of an important topic, built on the insights one of the foremost experts in ray theory. Study of this text will help the reader to gain a much better understanding of the nature of the ray solutions and to prepare to implement the relevant equations." Journal of Geoscience Education

"The scope of Cerveny's book is ... unsurpassed.... The book ... is well-structured and logically consistent." /s PAGEOPH

"...this work provides an excellent bridge for the mathematical community to connect with the more physically based presentation in this book...this volume is an excellent, very comprehensive treatment of the seismic ray method, primarily intended for the geophysics community and wave propagation researchers with a strong background in the physical sciences and engineering." Mathematical Reviews

"The book Seismic Ray Theory by Vlastislav Cerven^D'y contains the most complete colection of ray concepts and techniques, along with their derivations, ever published... this book will be a quaranteed success." Ivan Psencik, Studia geogh. et geod.

"a careful presentation of the semismic ray method...this book will stay for a long time as a golden mine for people interested in asymptonic approaches...experts on the subject will find new ideas in this so complete book...expectional contribution to seismic ray theory" EOS

"I was impressed with how well written, thorough, and readable this book is. I like its broad scope and completeness and believe that Cerveny has made a great achievement in presenting such a large amount of material so clearly." The Leading Edge