Fu Ssu-nien

A Life in Chinese History and Politics

Fu Ssu-nien

Fu Ssu-nien, a scholar, activist, and social critic, was one of the most influential intellectual figures in twentieth-century China. This biography offers the first in-depth examination of his role in intellectual and educational development in modern China. Wang Fan-sen follows Fu's early career as a student activist, his efforts to establish a "modern" historical discipline in China, and his legacy as a founder of modern academe in China. This book, incorporating unpublished material from Fu's personal archives, fills a major gap in the cultural and intellectual history of modern China.


"this eminently readable book deserves the attention of all those interested in modern Chinese culture and intellectual history." American Historical Review Feb 2002

"The book addresses a very important period in the transformation of modern Chinese historical thinking...This book rests on superior scholarship and an exhaustive study of all the available published and unpublished sources, including archives and private papers. It provides a lively and sympathetic portrait of Fu Sinian and his times, and through this adds an important new dimension to the intellectual history of the May Fourth era and of prewar and wartime China under the Nationalists." The China Journal