Finite Fields

Finite Fields

The theory of finite fields is a branch of algebra with diverse applications in such areas as combinatorics, coding theory and the mathematical study of switching circuits. This updated second edition is devoted entirely to the theory of finite fields, and it provides comprehensive coverage of the literature. Bibliographical notes at the end of each chapter give a historical survey of the development of the subject. Worked examples and lists of exercises throughout the book make it useful as a text for advanced level courses for students of algebra.


"The authors have done a masterful job in first digesting an enormous amount of material and then organzing it in an efficient way to make for a clear and readable treatise ...This monograph has already become the standard reference on finite fields; indeed, it is referenced in nearly every paper related to finite fields." Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

"...suitable for self-study or even as a text in a course for, say, an honors class of undergraduate seniors or a graduate-level mathematics class. It is also an excellent reference, especially because of the extensive notes...This well-written treatise deserves attention from everyone interested in any of the several areas in which finite fields arise today." SIAM REVIEW

Review of the hardback: 'An excellent and self-contained book.' European Mathematical Society