The Ecology of Insect Overwintering

The Ecology of Insect Overwintering

Insect overwintering is a fascinating process involving many physiological, epidemiological, biochemical and behavioral changes. The study of the overwintering process can offer an insight into the development of insects, as well as help us predict the patterns of disease epidemic and crop destruction caused by some species. This book provides a comprehensive account of the various forms of insect overwintering and highlights important areas of economic interest.


"...[of] real value to a broad range of entomologists and ecologists." Trends in Ecology and Evolution

"The most important feature of this book is its adoption of an ecological and physiological approach to the problem of insect overwintering. Although aimed at postgraduate entomologists, senior undergraduates in zoology, entomology, forestry, or agriculture will find this book eminently readable and well organized." M.J. O'Donnell, Choice

"The authors of this book have done an excellent job of integrating the rather extensive literature on the physiology of insect overwintering with the somewhat neglected study of winter ecology of insects....a very interesting, useful and scholarly introduction to overwintering. At a time when the utility of integrative biology has begun to be recognized, this book serves as a vivid example of the value of such interdisciplinary approaches." John G. Duman, Quarterly Review of Biology

"This book is a significant step in bringing traditionally isolated research activities together in the study of such an important phase in the life cycle of an insect....this book is well written with few printing errors....The authors provide a detailed subject index and an extensive bibliography which includes documents published not only in English but in several other languages as well. This book will interest advanced students and researchers in entomology as well as in other related fields." Erning Han, Ecoscience