The Evolution of Homo Erectus

Comparative Anatomical Studies of an Extinct Human Species

The Evolution of Homo Erectus

This book provides a wealth of information about individual crania, jaws and postcranial remains of Homo erectus and will serve as an important guide to the anatomy. It also documents the history of this extinct human species and suggests a route whereby Homo erectus may have given rise to people more like Homo sapiens.


"...calm, assured and competent....a useful volume on a topical debate that professionals will consult frequently." Nature

" impressive and important book." Science

"Suffice it so say that all paleoanthropologists will need to have access to this volume and that the numerous tables of data provided are serving already as the basis for renewed attempts to understand the evolutionary and phylogenetic history of the first species of hominid to leave Africa." Geoffrey G. Pope, International Journal of Primatology

"Rightmire has done an excellent job of presenting his perspectives on a number of complex and important issues, relating not just to H. erectus but to paleoanthropology in general. Consequently, this volume will certainly serve as an essential reference for those interested in making further contributions to sorting out the 'muddle in the middle.'" Science

"This book is a provocative and worthwhile contribution to the paleoanthropological literature and proves to be something of a rarity in that it is a singly authored volume wholly devoted to the evolution of only one species of hominid." American Journal of Physical Anthropology

" excellent summary of Rightmire's work..." E. Delson, Choice

"The chief accomplishment of Rightmire's book is the compilation of excellent descriptions of many H. erectus fossils and the presentation of numerous perspectives on the definition of this taxon. His attempt to relate this species to others in the hominid lineage is commendable, and he addresses issues important not only to palaeoanthropology, but also to palaeontology as a whole. Rightmire's work will undoubtedly remain an excellent reference text for all those interested in human evolution for many years to come." Tal Simmons, American Scientist

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