Biogeography of Mediterranean Invasions

Biogeography of Mediterranean Invasions

The Mediterranean basin, California, Chile, the western Cape of South Africa, and southern Australia share a Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. These five regions have differing patterns of human settlement, but similarities in natural vegetation and some faunal assemblages. These likenesses are enhanced with time by an increasing level of biotic exchange among the regions. An initiative of a subcommittee of SCOPE (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment), which realized that the integrity of many natural ecosystems is being threatened by the ingress of invasive species, this book uniquely documents the introduced floras and faunas, especially plants, buds, and mammals, in these five regions of Mediterranean climate, and aims to increase our understanding of the ecology of biological invasions. In doing so, it points a way to more effectively manage the biota of these regions.


"...a useful reference for its compiled liss of plant, mammal, and bird species hat have invaded the different Mediterranean regions....should be of interest to anyone intrigued by or working with alien species in a Mediterranean region, or as a reference for analyses of trends in biological invasions among geographic regions." Curtis C. Daehler and Donald R. Strong, Plant Science Bulletin

"...will certainly provide intriguing reading for anyone who is interested in rapidly unfolding biological phenomena." Richard N. Mack, Science

"This important volume should be of wide interest, not only to Mediterranean ecologists and students of biological invasions, but also to anyone whose research involves the structure, function, and stability of ecological communities." Philip W. Rundel, Ecology

"Collectively, the chapters in this book offer an excellent comprehensive overview of invasions in the five mediterranean regions by vascular plants, birds, and excellent summary of material on a regionalized and identifiable, albeit geographically widespread ecosystem....will serve as an essential reference for libraries and should be in the possession of anyone who deals with the ecology of invasions or the flora and fauna of any of the meditterranean regions." J. Whitfield Gibbons, Environmental Management

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