Chaos in Atomic Physics

Chaos in Atomic Physics

The study of chaos is today one of the most active and prolific areas in atomic physics. This book describes the manifestations of chaos in atoms and molecules, and is an introduction to this fascinating area. The first part of the book deals with the theory and principles of classical chaos, which are then applied to actual atomic and molecular physics systems in the second part of the book. The book covers microwave-driven surface state electrons, the hydrogen atom in a strong microwave field, the kicked hydrogen atom, chaotic scattering with CsI molecules and the helium atom. The book contains many diagrams and a detailed reference list.


"The book under review is the first very successful attempt to summarize the main results of this research area in a monograph....The book contains a comprehensive list of references and has a style that makes it easy to read. It contains many useful physical remarks and suggestions for new experiments. It will be read with keen interest by graduate students and scientists working in this new developing branch of chaotic science, and, because of its unique features, stands out in the current literature devoted to chaos." Journal of Statistical Physics

"To their credit, the authors provide a useful introduction to aspects of chaos that arise in some atomic problems." Physics Today

"...warmly recommended not only as an excellent textbook for graduate students in atomic physics, but also as a pleasant reading for researchers who want an introduction to chaos in classical and quantum mechanics." Mathematical Reviews