Diode Laser Arrays

Diode Laser Arrays

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles and applications of semiconductor diode laser arrays. All of the major types of arrays are discussed in detail, including coherent, incoherent, edge- and surface-emitting, horizontal- and vertical-cavity, individually addressed, lattice- matched and strained-layer systems. The initial chapters cover such topics as lasers, amplifiers, external-cavity control, theoretical modeling, and operational dynamics. Spatially incoherent arrays are then described in detail, and the uses of vertical-cavity surface emitter and edge-emitting arrays in parallel optical-signal processing and multi-channel optical recording are discussed. Researchers and graduate students in solid state physics and electrical engineering studying the properties and applications of such arrays will find this book invaluable.


"...a quite complete review of both the theoretical and practical features of semiconductor diode laser arrays...should be of high value to engineers and researchers in a variety of specialities." Steven Gustafson, Optical Engineering

"...a well-written, useful, and timely review of work on diode-laser arrays...should be particularly valuable as a review and reference tool for recent work in the areas covered...many of the chapters are interesting to read for the new insights on important work provided by good, knowledgeable writers." James Walpole, Laser Focus World

"All of the major types of arrays are discussed in detail, including coherent, incoherent, edge and surface-emitting, horizontal and vertical-cavity, individually addressed, lattice-matched and strained-layer systems." Journal of Current Laser Abstracts