Economic Development, the Family, and Income Distribution

Selected Essays

Economic Development, the Family, and Income Distribution

This collection of essays by 1971 Nobel Prize winner Simon Kuznets, published posthumously, represents the primary concerns of his research at a late phase of his career, as well as themes from his earlier work.


"Kuznets rarely leaves a question by providing a single or simple answer. In his hands, issues become multifaceted and subtle. Any tentative answer is inevitably tied to a series of challenging new hypotheses. Economics could clearly benefit from more social statisticians following in the footsteps of Kuznets. Robert Fogel's concluding essay in the volume searches for the special quality of mind and method that sets Kuznets apart from his own generation and appears to separate him even further from the generations that follow. Fogel's concluding essay warrants the same careful reading as the rest of this volume." T. Paul Schultz, Journal of the American Statistical Association

"Throughout this book...the elegant simplicity, but extraordinary power of Kuznets' vision is palpable." Journal of Economic Literature


Nobel Prize in Economics - Winner