English Seigniorial Agriculture, 1250–1450

English Seigniorial Agriculture, 1250–1450

Bruce Campbell's book is the first single-authored treatment of medieval English agriculture on a national scale. Methodologically innovative, it deals comprehensively with the cultivation carried out by or for lords on their demesne farms, for which the documentation is more detailed and abundant than for any other agricultural group either during the medieval period or later. A context is thereby assured for all future scholarship on the medieval and early agrarian economies. The book also makes a substantive contribution to ongoing historical debates.


"This book by Bruce M.S. Campbell is a landmark in the economic history of medieval England. Its scope, detail, and accuracy have no previous parallels." American Historical Review

'This is certainly a book which will promote further discussion of how the late medieval economy and population actually worked, and it will do much to make that discussion better informed.' Local Population Studies Society

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